We are offering for a limited time only. a complete turnkey, ready to mount, custom content*, set of 3 49” HD Monitors
for you business signage needs. Perfect for restaurant menus, Digital Signage creates a 31.8% increase in overall
sales volume. 42% of retail video viewers would prefer to shop at stores that have video displays, if given the choice.
Digital Signage generates 32.8% growth in repeat buyers, one or our clients in a restaurant increased his fresh squeezed
orange juice sales by 56% in the first 2 months!
At an age where customer engagement has dictated brand visibility, digital signage has taken a step up from being just a vehicle
for distributing information, to being a complete entertainment package, captivating the audience and engaging them at the purchase point.

*based on predesigned templates we will add your menu and your pictures or we can provide you with stock images of our choice.

Increase your sales! increases of
up to 33% in additional sales
compared to when using printed
signage alone. Also, 68% of
customers agreed that digital
signage would “influence their
decision to buy the advertised
product in the future”
With the right content, people will
be engaged. We make a point to
entertain and minimize awareness
of waiting by providing content that
will distract and at the same time
promote your products.
Positioned carefully, and using
engaging content and calls to
action, digital screens in retail
can have a dramatic impact on
store sales with at least 15%
boosts on promoted items
is now the rule of thumb.
Roughly 60 percent of all purchasing
decisions are made once people are in the
store, and brands increasingly are seeing
the power of getting the rich media they’ve
used in broadcasting and online right into
the aisles of stores and influencing what
shoppers put in their carts and baskets.

*based on predesigned templates we will add your menu and your pictures or we can provide you with stock images of our choice.

Includes: 3 pre-configured,
49” HD1080 120mhz TV
running your Menu from
selected template or custom
design, wall mounting hardware
and instructions to setup plug
and play.
Content is King, everybody knows that even the largest most beautiful displays are worthless if the
content does not attract, engage and inform your client in a effective and powerful way.

Increase your Sales

Using digital signage to make people more aware
of products and services is a proven way to increase sales. Making use of digital signs can help drive more sales of products and services overall or, depending on the content, more sales of higher margin offerings.

Enhanced Customer

Digital signs provide a way to efficiently and cost-effectively
create an ambience that’s fresh and interesting, particularly for

repeat visitors. In many businesses, where customers wait for
service (e.g., banking, a busy quick-service restaurant) digital signs

provide a way to reduce the perceived wait time. Many businesses
welcome the opportunity to provide public service/community
information via their signs.

Step 1

Choose from one of our Digital Menu
templates or contact us for a custom job.
Send us your menu as a PDF file or a digital scan.


We will send you final proof of
your new digital menu, and we
will ship a preconfigured HD TV.
with your menu already integrated.


You install the preconfigured sets
in you place of business,
we can also take care of the
installation for you.